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Misty Blues All Woman Skydiving Team

Since the early 1980’s The Misty Blues All Woman Skydiving Team has been thrilling audiences at air shows, corporate events and other special occasions around the world.  These exceptionally talented and brave ladies delight in displaying their parachuting talents that make them some of the most skilled skydivers in the world.

You may wonder why there are not very many skydivers around. That’s because it’s scary at first.  The feeling of stepping out into the sky and being unattached to any earthly object is a wonderful thrill, but it is also completely different from all other human experiences.

Out of those few who are willing to take the plunge, only a small percentage is women.  There are approximately 35,000 active skydivers in the North American continent, and only a mere 15% are women!

In a reversal of the usual statistics, the Misty Blues team is 100% women.  The ladies on the team come from all across the US to demonstrate their amazing skydiving skills.

They do things in the air that make people look up into the sky and feel excitement, patriotism or the thrill of a shocking visual treat.

Watch for what may be the largest American flag you’ll ever see.  One of the team members will jump with a 60-foot American flag that weighs in at amazing 45 pounds! Even if she is a petite thing, the flag jumper will always weigh well over 160 pounds when she steps out of the plane.

Not only are these women great skydivers, but they are also highly successful professionals with full-time careers ranging from an accounting consultant to a welding instructor. Although there are eight women on the team, four of them go to every show.

The ladies’ favorite part of their job is landing after an astonishing jump and walking out to meet as many fans as possible.

Find out more about the Misty Blues.

4CE Aerobatic Team

The 4CE is America’s new teams of stars.  Matt Chapman is the team lead. He has over 30 years in the air show business and is a pilot for American Airlines when not performing in air shows. He is a 2 time member of the US National Aerobatic Team and flew with a team called The Close Encounters.

Rob Holland flies the right wing. He is the reigning 2013 US National Aerobatic Champion and also won the same award in 2012 and 2011. He has been flying for over 20 years and loves to fly upside down. He was a member of a team called The Firebirds.

Jack Knutson flies the left wing. He has been flying air shows since the early 90s and was a member of the US Jet Team, which flew 4 Fouga jets. He created The Firebirds and has flown with a couple of partners over the years, recently settled on Rob Holland as partner.

Bill Stein flies the slot position with the team. He has been flying formation since the 1980’s. He was a member of the popular Red Baron Stearman Squadron for several years and also flew with another 4 ship formation team called The Collaborators.

The 4ce started performing at air shows in 2012. They have flown at some of the most well know air shows in North American, including Sun n Fun, Oshkosh, Abbotsford and more. The 4 aircraft perform as one and fly many of the same type of maneuvers that you would see jet teams like the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds perform. They not only perform together, but each pilot also performs solo. The team can also perform as a 3 ship flight or even as a 2 ship.

Check out the 4CE in action here:

Find out more about The 4CE.

Sea Harrier

Art Nalls Harrier is a real show stopper. This former US Marine Corps officer, Art Nalls, is the only person in the world to privately own, and pilot, an air-worthy Harrier.

The Sea Harrier is known for it’s short take-offs and vertical-landing/take-offs, and is sure to be a crowd favorite, as it is quite noisy and a very unique aircraft to witness in action. With quite the unique story himself, Nalls has flight time in approximately 75 different aircraft, model, in addition to the “Harrier.”  These include the B-52, C-141, C-130, A-7, A-37, T-38, F-4, F-5, F-15, and F-16, and F-18.

From the loud “plug your ears”  noise to the ballet in the air performance, ending in a polite bow to the audience.

This Harrier is one that always gets top reviews from the crowd’s.

Black Diamond Jet Team

Back for the second year, the Black Diamond Jet Team is a four ship aerobatic civilian-owned jet team based in Lakeland, Florida. The L-39 is the most widely used high performance jet trainer in the world and serves in over 30 air forces across the globe. The Black Diamond Jet Team’s jammed packed performance will include precise maneuvers that are taught to military pilots around the world.

The Black Diamond Jet Team also has a local connection. Jared Isaacman, who flies the right wing position on the team, is the founder and CEO of Harbortouch (formerly United Bank Card, Inc), a leading national supplier of point of sale (POS) systems, credit card processing equipment and a full range of merchant services and is based in Allentown, PA. “Over the last four years, the pilots and crew of the Black Diamond Jet Team have had some of the greatest times of our lives performing in front of millions of people, and we couldn’t be happier about performing in front of our local, hometown fans here in Allentown,” said Isaacman.

Trojan Horsemen Demo 4-Ship Team

This unique team is built around the T-28 Trojan aircraft for several reasons.  The T-28 is a crowd-pleasing, large, fast and loud warbird with combat history and a growling 1425 HP radial engine.  These warbirds have a commanding presence and generate excitement in the air.  The aircraft have smoke systems and sport authentic U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy paint schemes and markings to compliment the patriotic theme.

The 16-member team consists of former military pilots, decorated veterans, instructors, airline pilots and experience civilian air show pilots with hundreds of years combined experience, unblemished safety records and all required credentials.

Gene Soucy & Teresa Stokes Wingwalker & Biplane Solo

Gene Soucy

From wingwalking acts to World Championships to formation flying, “Mr. Airshow” has done it all! With over 30 years of airshow experience, Three-Time National Champion Gene Soucy is a must have at every show event.

Teresa Stokes

As America’s favorite wingwalker, this one-of-a-kind performer is also an acclaimed aviation artist and accomplished pilot. No airshow is complete without Teresa Stokes and her wild ride on the wing!


This crowd favorite features wingwalker Teresa Stokes as she climbs about the wings of the ShowCat, piloted by aviation legend Gene Soucy. Anything is possible with these two in the air…if you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a glimpse of a headstand in the sky!

Big Biplane Solo

Gene Soucy tears up the sky in the ShowCat with his combination of smoke, noise, and elegance. Crowds go wild for the roar of the monstrous Pratt & Whitney engine, and Gene’s trademark one-wheel landing proves the show isn’t over until the big kitty purrs.

Canadian Harvards T-6 Aerobatic Team

The Canadian Harvards Aerobatic Team is one of the most well respected civilian aerobatic teams in North America. They bring the skills and professionalism to demonstrate formation aerobatics from a historic perspective with three or four stunning vintage WWII aircraft.

CHAT uses the Harvard which is sometimes called “The Yellow Peril”. Why the “Yellow Peril”? Because of the stick and rudder skill it takes to fly this magnificent aircraft. It is referred to in the United States as the T-6 or AT-6 “Texan”, with the “AT” standing for Advanced Trainer. “If you can fly the Harvard, you can fly anything!” This statement has been trumpeted by members of the USAF Thunderbirds, Space Shuttle Pilots, and some of ICAS’s top solo performers.

Their routine also includes an exquisite solo performance by Kent Beckham. Kent is the son of the legendary Norm “Mr. Harvard” Beckham. Barrel rolls, the low altitude high speed pass, and the precision 8 point roll are highlights of the solo routine.

The distinct roar of the Harvard brings an added element to any air show. Your spectators will take notice when the team is overhead. The distinctive “Roar” of the Harvard comes from its 600 horsepower Pratt & Whitney engine coupled to its 9 foot Hamilton Standard propeller. Even today its distinctive growl heard overhead never fails to spark memories in those who first heard it a lifetime ago.

Find out more about the Canadian Harvards.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is an airshow?

A: An airshow is an event at which aviators display their flying skills and the capabilities of their aircraft to spectators in aerobatics. Airshows usually include some type of static aircraft displays on the ground for spectators to walk through.

Q: Can I fly into the Lehigh Valley Airshow?

A: Visiting aircraft must arrive before 10:00 AM on Saturday or Sunday and cannot depart earlier than 6:00 PM on either day.

Q: What is the performer schedule?

A: The full performer schedule will be announced in August

Q: Will the airshow be televised?

A: The 2014 airshow will not be televised until after the event, so please come join us for the experience the day of! DVDs of the airshow will also be available for pre-purchase at our merchandise tent, as well as available for purchase online following the event.

Q: Are cameras and video cameras allowed at the event?

A: Yes

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